In Flight Beauty Tips

In Flight Beauty Tips

As we all know, flying can make our skin dehydrated and generally feeling dry and tight so in order to start your vacation or business trip feeling fresh as a daisy it’s important to keep hydrated both inside and out. Boring I know but whilst flying, ditch the alcohol and drink plenty of water.
You have to be canny when taking products on a flight as the 100ml rule looks like its here to stay so don’t take you’re favourite pot of full size moisturiser as it will be whisked away from you in a jiffy. Keep a stash of clear plastic zip lock bags at home so you can place your products in them in your carry on luggage before you leave for the airport. That way you’re already prepared to go straight through airport security saving yourself valuable duty free shopping time!

My favourite on flight travel beauty essentials are :
- CLEANSING WIPES are great for travelling, especially on overnight flights when you need to freshen up before landing

- A FACIAL SPRITZER will keep moisture locked in the skin and refresh you, as well as being great for the beach and as your holiday skin toner. Liz Earle’s Skin Boost Tonic is wonderful and comes in a handy travel size.

- A HYDRATING MASK is a great to pop on whilst sleeping or watching a movie on the plane, and will work at keeping your skin hydrated if you use it throughout your holiday. Melvita and Murad are some of my faves.

- EYE CREAMS/GELS soothes tired eyes. The Body Shop’s Elderflower cooling eye gel is ideal.

- HAND CREAM as hands can suffer from dryness whilst flying. Again, Molton Brown and Liz Earle sell handy minature versions.

- LIP BALM to prevent the thinner skin of the lips from cracking. There’s so many lip balms I love but in my current make up bag is Burts Bees and Hourglass Lip Oil. Great for dry cuticles too!
Most brands have travel collections where you can find smaller versions of your favourite products. Some of my favourites travel sizes are by Liz Earle and Molton Brown. Or you can buy small bottles and decant your favourite products into them. Boots and Muji are two of my go to stores.
Far less exciting but equally essential to get off that flight feeling fresh are deodorant, toothpaste and a toothbrush. Many flights provide a small toothbrush and toothpaste but you can buy travel size toothpaste and deodorant at the airport . A Tangle Teaser and Emi Jay Hair Ties are invaluable – they will sort out any hair issues and if you tie your hair back will leave your hair ridge free even after sleeping.
Non beauty faves to put in your on flight bag:- pashmina or a wrap when the air con makes it chilly, an eye mask, travel pillow and ear plugs when you fancy a snooze and flight socks are a must for long haul.

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