I had a fabulous night on Saturday at my friend and client Lulu Guinness’ Perspective in collaboration with Impossible, celebrating her brilliant brand’s 25th anniversary. The event was as original and innovative as the lady herself; think outrageous miming transvestites, cocktails with a straw and a host of friendly faces including my gorgeous girls: Laura Whitmore, Millie Mackintosh and Alexandra Roach. The DJ’s set was as eccentric as you’d expect, but the Pièce de résistance was Lulu’s incredible installation of hundreds of photos of friends and celebrity’s lips. Too many to count but I did notice among them (apart from my own): Paloma Faiths, Ophelia Lovibonds, and even Dermot O’Learys! The assembled snaps looked like a breath of smoke emanating from a giant pair of glossy red lips – fabulous! If that wasn’t enough, naughty Lulu has only gone and created a 25th anniversary limited edition collection in mirrored silver! That’s more shopping for me. I was also thrilled to meet the wonderful andfunny Laura Jackson and the brilliant photographer Jon Gorrigan. All in all a great evening!

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